dijous, 30 de juny de 2011

Cançó 31.

[I don't need your forgiveness]
[Just go]

Die motherfucker die - DOPE.

Cançó 30.

Never seen you, I don't even know your name
But still I believe... That you are gonna save me]

Save me - Edguy.

dimarts, 28 de juny de 2011

Cançó 29.

[ I don't ever wanna feel... like I did that day ]
[Under the bridge downtown, Is where I drew some blood ]

Under the bridge - Red Hot Chili Peppers.

dilluns, 27 de juny de 2011

Cançó 28.

[ Todos guardamos un as ]
[ Aprendiendo a ser yunque para llegar a ser martillo... ]

Aprendiendo a ser yunque - Saratoga.

Cançó 27.

[ Shoot em' in the back now
What they want, I don't know ]

Blitzkrieg Bop - Ramones.

dissabte, 25 de juny de 2011

Cançó 26.

[ En un ataúd guardo tu tacto y una corona... ]
[ Todo arde si le aplicas la chispa adecuada ]

La chispa adecuada - Héroes del Silencio

Cançó 25.

[ Never know, never trust, that love should see a colour ]
Like a river flowing to the sea... ]

Crucify my love - X-Japan

dijous, 23 de juny de 2011

Cançó 24.

[ Black night is a long way from home.]
I can't see dark night. ]

Black night - Deep Purple.

Cançó 23.

[Bésame otra vez, embrujándome...]
[tu sonrisa hará que vuelva a despertar]

Bella Julietta - Leo Jiménez (037)

dimarts, 21 de juny de 2011

Cançó 22.

[You can illustrate your life in romance...]
[This is the nightmare we fall asleep...]

Die romantic - Aiden.

dilluns, 20 de juny de 2011

Cançó 21.

[I'll show you a god who falls asleep on his job... ]
[You and I must fight for our rights]

Knights Of Cydonia - MUSE.

diumenge, 19 de juny de 2011

Cançó 20.

[ Darling, you give love a bad name ]
[ I play my part and you play your game ]


You give love a bad name - Bon Jovi.

Cançó 19.

[ Now again I've found myself so far down ]
[Awan from the sun who shines... ]

Away from the sun - 3 doors down.

divendres, 17 de juny de 2011

Cançó 18.

[ Would you die tonight for love? ]
[ Baby join me in death... ]

Join me in death - HIM.

dijous, 16 de juny de 2011

Cançó 17.

I wanna hold you high and steal your pain away ]
And I don't feel right when you're gone away ]

Broken - Seether & Amy Lee.

dimecres, 15 de juny de 2011

Cançó 16.

[ Life is a waterfall... ]
[ We are the ones that wanna choose, always wanna play but you never wanna lose... ]

Aerials - SOAD.

dimarts, 14 de juny de 2011

Cançó 15.

And he likes to shoot his gun
But he knows not what it means ]

In bloom - Nirvana.

dilluns, 13 de juny de 2011

Cançó 14.

Some might say that sunshine follows thunder 
Go and tell it to the man who cannot shine ]

Some might say - Oasis.

Cançó 13.

[ There's gotta be a record of you someplace ]
[ And it's yout face what I'm looking for, on every street ]

On every street - Dire Straits.

Cançó 12.

[ No se lo que es globalización, no se lo que son derechos humanos ]
[ Mis pequeñas manos son la producción de miles de juguetes con los que podrán jugar allá niños como yo ]

Los hijos bastardos de la globalización - Ska-p.

divendres, 10 de juny de 2011

dijous, 9 de juny de 2011

Cançó 10.

[ I don't belong here, we gotta move on there ]
[ Give me a chance to be that person I wanna be ]

Afterlife - Avenged Sevenfold.

dimecres, 8 de juny de 2011

Cançó 9.

[ Black hole sun, won't you come? and wash away the rain... ]
[ No one sings like you anymore ]

Black Hole Sun - Soundgarden.

Cançó 8.

You know I would wait forever ]

[Turn your back and then you make me feel so crazy ]

Something - Escape The Fate

dilluns, 6 de juny de 2011

Cançó 7.

[ Because days come and go but my feelings for you are forever ]
[ One last kiss... before I go... ]

Forever - Papa Roach

diumenge, 5 de juny de 2011

Cançó 6.

[ Things happen but we don't really know why ]

All these things I hate (revolve around me) - Bullet for my valentine

Cançó 5.

[ I'm lost in your eyes... ]
[ Tell me why I'm alone, When we're lying here together ]

The future never dies - Scorpions

divendres, 3 de juny de 2011

Cançó 4.

 [ La realidad es que sin tí, mi alma vuela ]
[ Decir sí a ser libre, como el aire que respiro ]

Diez Años - Sober

Cançó 3.

[ There's a thin line between love and hate ]
[ I will hope my soul will fly, so I will live forever ]

The thin line between love and hate - Iron Maiden

Cançó 2.

 [ Erem dos ocells de foc sembrant tempestes; ara som dos fills del Sol en aquest desert ]
[ Mai no és massa tard per tornar a començar, per sortir a buscar el teu tresor ]

Camins - Sopa de Cabra.